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Teaching Independent Play

Example of a Play Schedule by Mary Staub, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA Independent play skills do not always develop naturally and sometimes must [...]

Visual Supports

What are visual supports? Visual supports are any picture or object that are used to communicate information. This can be in forms of actual [...]

IEP versus 504 Plans

​IEP and 504? There are many options for students to receive additional support and services in school. Parents are encouraged to discuss their child's [...]

Get to the Core: AAC Parent Training

Create opportunities and MODEL language. This week, pick an activity (your child’s favorite toy, art project, cooking, etc) and work on modeling and prompting [...]

The Brain

Brain Exercise It can be helpful to think of the brain like a muscle: exercise makes it grow and improves its capabilities. There are [...]

Do and Don’t Language

Parenting is one of the most rewarding and most challenging jobs I’ve ever had.  As a parent/educator, one of the most important things that [...]

Celebrating One Year!

God loves to throw us curve balls, but He never abandons us…granted, He is probably laughing his holy pants off watching the beautiful chaos. [...]

What is DTT?? What is NET?

D.T.T. DTT, is discrete trial training, gets its name from its discrete beginning and ending. It is a highly structured therapy that occurs in [...]

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