God loves to throw us curve balls, but He never abandons us…granted, He is probably laughing his holy pants off watching the beautiful chaos.

It has been one year since I moved from a small, downtown office within a cozy group of psychologists to opening the ABA Interventions center.

The ABA Interventions center is more than therapy sessions back to back, caffeinated therapists pretending standing in line at the office Keurig 3 times a day is normal (the machine takes 3 minutes so if we are 3 minutes late to the lobby this is why), it’s more than parent training while laughing and crying simultaneously when a kid says his first sentence or finally sits for an entire story, it’s more than teaching kids to communicate on an AAC device or PECS and finding out that the staff are in love with researching and learning every ounce of knowledge possible about functional communication training…ABA Interventions is a professional team of therapists that work as a beautiful unit.

This team IS ABA Interventions. I joke that I receive emails and questions about clients from the therapists 7 days a week and at all hours of the day and night, but it’s so true. These therapists share a passion that is unlike any passion I’ve seen in a workplace. Our one year anniversary of the center being open is a celebration of our staff and team we have created to help our clients.

With that being said….

Thank you Miss Mary (BCBA) for teaching the therapists how to create a natural environment for learning and setting such an outstanding example on how to make kids excited to learn. Thank you for your patience and flexibility when being faced with challenges in the field. Thank you for leading clinical meetings and facilitating discussions among the team.

Thank you Miss Katie (RBT) for being our preschool group leader, always coming to work with a smile and getting even the sleepiest therapist clapping and singing along in circle time. Thank you for teaching our clients that being messy is fun and being a shining example of how kids can learn through the natural environment.

Thank you Miss Crystal (RBT) for being the therapist that advocates for our older clients and refuses to let age stand in the way of an individual learning. Thank you for your commitment to drive all over town to make sure our older clients receive the services they need in an appropriate setting. Thank you for your commitment to parent training and always wanting to make sure that your clients generalize their skills.

Thank you Miss Melissa (RBT) for your constant desire to learn and to implement evidence based practices. Thank you for your incredible ability to balance school, a job, and a family as you work on your requirements to become a behavior analyst. Thank you for always pushing the others to become experts in their field!

Thank you Miss Cresanna (RBT) for being incredibly persistent and never accepting that a child can not learn something. Thank you for your desire to always research, learn, and implement plans to perfection. Thank you for being our go to therapist when it comes to assistive technology and DTT!

Thank you Miss Jenna (Office Manager) for your tireless hours of billing, scheduling, and answering phones and emails. Thank you for keeping us organized, in line, and busy. We have a horribly long wait list and you are always striving to get as many kids access to services as possible.

Thank you Dr. Charles Galyon (private practice psychologist) for all the time you take to join us for our weekly clinical meetings, trainings, and coordinating services! We have benefited so much with you being in our office and we most definitely think of you as part of the ABA Interventions team! We frequently hear schools and families report that “Dr.Galyon really took the time to get to know the child and he was amazing!” Well, we know you are amazing! Thank you!

We are so excited to begin another year and to always work on our goal to make sure that all individuals have access to services that they need.

written by Elizabeth Ginder, MSSW, BCBA; owner and clinical director of ABA Interventions, LLC