Center Programs

Itsy Bitsy Spiders 
(Daily, 9AM-1PM)

Itsy Bitsy Spiders provides a fun and caring environment, while teaching each child how to engage with their peers through play, energetic songs, and movement. Two key program focuses are developing essential social relationships and increasing early language skills.

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Twinkle Stars
(Daily, 9AM-1PM)

Twinkle Stars incorporates a lively circle time with nursery rhymes, interactive story time, and upbeat dancing, followed by group activities. The overall goal is to provide support and build language skills so each child can communicate their individual wants and needs.

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Hungry Caterpillars
(Daily, 9AM-1PM)

Hungry Caterpillars continues to build on skills developed in previous groups, as well as growing the love of learning. Interactive circle time and fun engaging group activities help achieve this goal, while also focusing on establishing strong and meaningful relationships.

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Rainbow Fish
(Daily, 9AM-1PM)

This small group focuses on the skills your child needs to be successful in a classroom setting by preparing them for structured activities, classroom schedules, cooperating with peers, and listening to teacher instructions. This group is led by an experienced preschool teacher/RBT and supervised by a BCBA and BCaBA. The goal for learners in this group is to prepare for a successful transition to preschool and/or Kindergarten. Children are in a therapeutic classroom in a group setting and have graduated from needing a 1:1. This classroom group does not exceed 10 learners.

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School Age ABA Day Program

Day Program

This program provides your child with opportunities to independently engage in a variety of leisure activities and vocational skills. It also works to increase independent living skills, functional communication, and following routines. The Day Program is for school age learners (ages 6-12) who are homeschooled or not in a traditional academic setting. This program is M-F 9-1.

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Social-Emotional Skills Programs

Super Hero Kids

Super HeroKids is a group that focuses on foundational social skills and peer play skills at the school age level. The main goal of this group is to engage in basic perspective taking, turn taking in the natural environment, foundational problem solving with a peer, and engaging in shared activities while working on decreasing challenging behaviors.

Participants must be enrolled in 3-5PM individual therapy sessions, Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Ages 6-10 years old

Building Bridges

Building Bridges is a group that focuses on guiding participants into understanding how to build healthy relationships with themselves and others. Participants will be able to identify the boundaries of others, respect those boundaries while maintaining their own, and engage in communication with others with the goal of building and maintaining healthy relationships. The main goals of this group will include perspective taking, emotions, advanced social language, problem solving with peers, and collaboration. This group is not a 1:1 staffed group and participants must be able to participate in the group without a 1:1 support.

Tuesday and Thursdays 3-5PM

Ages 9-14