If you’ve had parent training classes with me, you should be well aware that I am not a fan of free access to screen time and electronics. I love using the iPad and other electronics in a therapeutic setting as a REINFORCER or just as fun materials to teach. I don’t like to leave kids alone with these apps, but I love to sit with them and use the app as a therapy material.

1. Between the Lines – This is a great app full of videos, idioms, and social training exercises. A lot of my preteen kids, especially the ones that think flashcards of smiles and angry faces are “for little kids,” enjoy 10-15 minutes on this app.

2. Moose Math – A lot of my kids DO NOT like to count! All those counting bears and assorted tiny, cute toys we find at the teacher stores are still not cutting it! Moose Math is a fun app that allows kids to explore counting through activities like sorting and counting fruit to make assorted juices!
3. Fun with Directions – This is a fun app to work on single and multi-step directions with kids!


Elizabeth Gagliardi, MSSW, BCBS. Behavior Analyst and Owner of ABA-Interventions in Knoxville, TN. Contact: elizabeth@aba-interventions.com