4 easy steps to help you contrive simple situations which will require communication!

Step 1. HOLD BACK! Make sure most preferred things are not readily available all the time. Put preferred items in clear boxes or bags within sight, but out of reach; tall shelves work great as well.

Step 2. ENTICE! Play with your child’s toys and prompt them to use words (or PECS or other communication modalities) to request to also play.

Step 3. FOLLOW THROUGH and hold your child up to what they can do! Follow through with communication and make sure they are asking appropriately, then provide access to what they are requesting.

Step 4. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! Try to practice this everyday in order to enrich your child’s environment with communication opportunities.

Below are some pictures of opportunities we’ve created in our preschool room! Bolts for the toy drill set are sealed in containers, coins for the popular coin bank are out of reach, but visible in a zip lock bag, and the ALL TIME favorite sensory table is roped off. These created opportunities to: ask for help, identify a problem (what’s wrong? “I can’t reach/it won’t open), gain an adult’s attention, and request for an item!

What are some things you can do in your home to create amazing communication opportunities?